B – 52 Brewing; Conroe, TX

Guten Tag Mein Freunde!

This past weekend, HBS took advantage of some amazing 77 degree weather and visited B-52 Brewing in Conroe, TX – It looks like the rest of North Houston had the same idea – the Brewery was full of craft beer lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With fall just around the corner, we expect this to be a popular spot for the coming months.

For those who haven’t been, B-52 Conroe is located opposite HW 105 from Lake Conroe. The Brewery sits on a few acres of wooded area, giving it that “hidden gem” feel. You’ll find picnic tables galore, outdoor games (the usual cornhole, horseshoes), and even a set of outdoor ping pong tables – but please – beware the Rice University Professor who waits for the hustle at the tables. With so much ample space, don’t be afraid to bring the pigskin to toss around with the family—with home brewed root beer and lemonade, even the kids feel welcome and part of the atmosphere. 

On a typical weekend, you’ll find an eclectic variety of brews on tap – Sours (Berliner Hop), Wheat IPA, Saison Hop, Dopplebock and Breakfast Stout round out their usual suspects…They take it a step further by regularly releasing limited edition versions of your favorite styles. IPA? Looking Good Barry will make you feel good very (bad attempt at wordplay). Wanna catch a last minute summer experience? The Looking Good Barry Tropical Shake with pineapple, mango and pink guava will cure that

…Not impressed yet? This is where B-52 shines – A wide selection of experiments gone perfect will keep you coming back, and even tempt you for a to-go bottle or 3 (also, they fill growlers!). Biere De Coupage is a Menage-Trois of a Saison base mixed with a variety of tea, yes tea, blends. Wanna live on the wild side? Grab a Bishops Gone Wild Sour Ale, a Saint Arnolds tribute conditioned on Blackberries and Raspberries. Check out their other flavored victories with a Sangria or Tart Frenchie Blueberry, Peach Apricot and Cherry…. Winning. 

This visit, we arrived a week after their Oktoberfest Celebration to find some of their new German brews on tap (Props to B-52 and others for holding Oktoberfest in September! Der Vaterland would be proud!) FEST, is a traditional Marzen…because, well… It’s not Oktoberfest w/o one. A German Pils is advertised as simply, a German Pils – and they did it as traditional as a German wearing socks and sandals. To finish the festivity, B-52 introduced their German inspired hazy IPA “Ze Hazy German”, which is brewed with all German malts & hops. In addition to Ze Hazy German, B-52 was also serving a version of the beer that had been re-fermented with Traminette grapes. Visit in the next few weeks, and I’m expecting an all-German flight from our readers!


The variety of beers on tap (and available in bottles/cans to go) and the uniqueness of those beers, is definitely one of the advantages of visiting B-52. The barred aged beer game at B-52 is also very strong. It’s a very normal thing to see beers on their menu that are aged in bourbon, oak, or wine barrels.


It might be a drive for most Houstonians, but well worth the trip…Houston Beer Scene recommends you make it a must-visit destination, especially for those attending the Renaissance Festival, and idea we stole from the Medieval Clad patrons to the Brewery. Probst!

Open Hours: Fri 3pm-11pm, Sat 12pm-10pm, and Sun 12pm-8pm

Address: 12470 Milroy Ln, Conroe, TX 77304