Label Approvals 8/23 – 8/30 TX Beers Only

New Beer is Coming!! Not included in this list is revisions or new label for new container, unless new cans or bottles are being added.

Brewery Beer Container
Austin Beerworks Lambeau Leap Lager Keg
Austin Beerworks Lazer Salad DIPA Keg
Austin Beerworks Flavor Country Hoppy Pale Ale Keg
Austin Beerworks Bartbier Hoppy Lager Keg
Austin Beerworks Baker’s Dozen Beer Keg
Austin Beerworks Blood Sweat and Mostly Tears 12 oz Can
Brazos Valley Brewing Co Country Roads Oktoberfest 12 oz Can, Keg
Brazos Valley Brewing Co High Noon IPA 12 oz Can, Keg
Brazos Valley Brewing Co Trouble In Mind DIPA 12 oz Can, Keg
El Paso Brewing Co El Paso Wee Heavy Ale Keg
ETX Brewing Co Bring It On Keg
Guadalupe Brewing Co Cocosco Scotch Ale Keg
Guadalupe Brewing Co Meusebach Doppelbock Keg
Independence Brewing Co Hibiscus Redbud Berliner Weisse keg
Infamous Brewing Co Oktoberfest Marzen Lager 12 oz Can, Keg
Infamous Brewing Co That Gose For All Y’all 12 oz Can, Keg
Jester King Brewery Biere De Coupage Blended 25 oz Bottle
Jester King Brewery Vague Recollection Farmhouse Ale 2016 25 oz Bottle
Karbach Brewing Co Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter with Espresso 22 oz Bottle, Keg
North By Northwest Hazy Train NEIPA Keg
North By Northwest Witbier Belgian Style Ale Keg
North By Northwest Zombie Dragon East Coast IPA Keg
Oasis Texas Brewing Co Technicolor Motorhome Cucumber Face Mask 12 oz Can
Oak Highlands Brewing Co Red Wine Barrel Aged Hypocrite Keg
Platypus Brewing Show Us You Peaches IPA Keg
Real Ale Brewing Co Eclipse Cask-Conditioned Schwarzbier Keg
Save The World Brewing Co. Apple Fructum Bonum Fruit Saison 25 oz Bottle
Save The World Brewing Co. Gladious Belgian Style Dubbel Ale 25 oz Bottle
Sigma Brewing Co Soup Du Jour Pearl’s Essence Keg
Sigma Brewing Co SIGMA IPA Keg
Twisted X Brewing Co Whoa-Mango IPA 12 oz Can, Keg
Whitestone Brewery Gimme Da Gold SMASH Pale Ale Keg
Wild Acre Brewing Co Mondlift Oktoberfest 12 oz Can, Keg

Blood Sweat and Mostly Tears
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