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First Look at Great Heights Brewing


Great Heights is still in a soft open phase, fortunately day two of Hurricane Harvey didn’t have too much effect on my area of town and I was able to check them out on day four of being officially open. Little did I know this would be my last trip out of the house for days. Before heading to Great Heights I grabbed a late lunch at Petrol Station, enjoying one of their amazing sandwiches. After filling my belly and having a couple sours (Real Ale Mysterium Verum Tenebra Aeterna and Community Company Wit N’ Wild – both recommended), I was ready to venture down the street to check out Houston‘s newest brewery – a title which probably won‘t last long. Great Heights is on Wakefield, half a block from Petrol Station, next to Wakefield Crowbar making this a nice strip of watering holes.

Great Heights has their own parking, as well as some spots shared with other local businesses that appear to be shared. Street parking is also available nearby, but I could see parking being an issue if Great Heights blows up. The taproom has an modern beer hall feel with shared tables and a bar. There are a couple TV screens and free popcorn available from a machine. I did not observe the brewhouse, but it seems to be behind the taproom area in a warehouse environment. The taproom was busy despite it being a soft open. Great Heights only offered two beers: Great Heights Amber and Fruity Pellets, a NEIPA. Great Heights Amber offered a somewhat hearty take on an amber with an nice, toasty malt character and solid hopping. Fruity Pellets added another IPA to the Houston market that I will be happy to drink. It appears this brewery is off to a great start with a packed tap room filled with a mix of families, friend groups and couples when the town seemed so empty due to Hurricane Harvey. Houston Beer Scene looks forward to seeing what the future brings for Great Heights, a welcome addition to the GOOF area. Look forward to a few more first looks as there are a handful of other breweries slated to open in the near future.

Address: 938 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018
Phone: (281) 220-6900
Hours: No official hours announced – check their Facebook

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