Label Approvals 9/21 – 9/27 (TX Beers Only)

New Beer is Coming!! Not included in this list is revisions or label approval for a new container size, unless new cans or bottles are being added.

Brewery Beer Container
The ABGB Siouxie’s Strawberry Girl Keg
Audacity Brew House Audacity Bulletproof Pale Ale 16oz Can
B & J Pizza Restaurant Red EyePA Keg
B & J Pizza Restaurant Scary Hairy Keg
B-52 Brewing Company Ze Hazy German Keg
Big Bend Brewing Dark Sky Keg
Big Bend Brewing Total Commitment Rubicon Crossing Keg
Big River Brewery Hops and Hose IPA Keg
Big River Brewery Juice Hooch Beer IPA Keg
Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery Self Esteem Keg
Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery Space Bear Keg
Brash Projekt Mayhem Keg
Celis Brewery Celis Dubbel Coffee Porter Keg
City Acre Brewing Bayouwulf IPA Keg
City Acre Brewing Skull Creek Kolsch Keg
City Acre Brewing Stadtplatz Oktoberfest Keg
Copperhead Brewery Citraddicted IPA Keg
El Paso Brewing Helles Festbier Keg
ETX Brewing Co ETX Oktoberfest Keg
Flying Man Brewing Co Weedhopper Honey Wheat Keg
Flying Man Brewing Co Water Bomber Wheat with Watermelon Keg
Fredonia Brewery Fredonia Oktoberfest Keg
Good Neighbor Brew Gut Nachbar Bier Keg
Good Neighbor Brew Gut Nachbar Leichtes Bier Keg
Hi Sign Brewing Shamus the Fiddler Irish Red 12oz Can
Hi Sign Brewing Wooderson IPA Keg
Inpedence Brewing Co Taco Revolucion Saison Keg
Legal Draft Beer Co Strawberry Wheatness Ale Keg
Martin House Brewing Co Strawberry Delight Ale Keg
New Republic Brewing Co Farmhouse Mary Keg
Orf Brewing Orftoberfest Amber Keg
Orf Brewing Orftoberfest Amber Wood Aged Keg
Rahr & Sons Brewing Bloody Dunkels Keg
Rahr & Sons Brewing Winter Warmer Bourbon Barrel Aged 12oz Can
Save the World Brewing Co Cherry Bonus Pastor Belgian Scotch Ale Large Bottle
Save the World Brewing Co Celestis Thesauri Biere De Garde Keg
Shannon Brewing Co Bourbon Barrel Irish Red Keg
Spoetzl Brewery Ootoberfest Marzen Keg
St Elmo Brewing Co McCaffe Coffee Double IPA Keg
St Elmo Brewing Co McLovin Double IPA Keg
Texas Ale Project Arboretum Amber Ale Keg
Texas Leaguer Brewing Co Airmail Blonde Keg
Thirsty Planet Brewing Co Elder Fuzz Ale Keg
Tupps Brewery Full Grown Nick 12oz Can, Keg
Whitestone Brewery Golden Stout Keg
Whitestone Brewery Oktoberfest Ale Keg

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