Review: Rosehill Beer Garden

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Review: Rosehill Beer Garden

I have always enjoyed going to breweries, distilleries, and vineyards – getting the product at the source while interacting with those who make it – yet sometimes it is just not feasible.  Family priorities, work schedules, and travel distance are just some of the constraints that prevent one from visiting those establishments. That is where a place like Rosehill Beer Garden shines.  

Located in the rapidly growing master-planned community of Cypress, TX, north-west of Houston off of Highway 290, Rosehill Beer Garden reminds the area of its roots while leaving the door open for the food and beverage trends of more urban settings.  Having opened just three months ago, it is apparent in my few visits that it already has hit a positive note with the area.

Rosehill is the type of place you would imagine if I said I was going to mix a small-town Texas county fair with the likes of an Austin food truck park and a Dallas brewery in an old industrial shed.  A large Texas flag blowing across the Rosehill sign immediately greets you while hail bails mark the perimeter of the parking lot areas.

In the center of the grounds, you have multiple options for which to start your Rosehill experience.  It is immediately clear that they have prepared for the random afternoon thunderstorms that one finds throughout the year.  

A large covered picnic area is crowded with families, couples, and singles enjoying everything from the Astro’s game, on one of many TVs strategically placed to not be too obtrusive to those looking to disconnect, cornhole, or simply each others conversation.

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The covered outdoor area backs-up to the covered barn-like building that features an indoor bar with multiple seating arrangements, and speakers attached to the TVs to broadcast the big Houston-area sports teams.  The barn opens up to a large uncovered picnic area with food trucks and picnic tables under trees and string lights.

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One of the most exciting revelations to a parent is the kids area with tires, swings, dirt movers, and hail bails to jump off of.  Having open spaces and kid-friendly areas is so important to many that fall into the 30-40 range.  It was exciting to that there was no shortage of kids and pets around on this sunny day.

Since this is a beer blog let’s get to the boozy details.  As mentioned, the property has two distinct areas for service. The outside bar area is where you get your lighter brews.  Twelve taps pour a range of offerings from Bud Light to local craft-IPAs and lagers. Those adamant in their ways can also find a large can and bottle fridge fully stocked with craft, domestic, and foreign beers behind the bar.  Fret not non-beer drinkers as there is usually at least one tap of cider and there are multiple wines, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages offered in can or bottle form as well.

Inside the big covered barn, you find another eleven taps generally pouring nothing less than a 6% abv.  (I did find one 4.9% Pale Bock from Celis – Austin’s original craft brewery that went back into service in 2017). A handful of 6-8% IPAs from local and out of state balance out porters and stouts.  I found Houston-area beers from Copperhead, Lone Pint, Brash, Sigma, and Buffalo Bayou on rotation during my visit.

I found the variety of beers to be welcoming and inclusive.  Rosehill seems to recognize that there are some who know what they like and will stick to it…whether it is the cost, taste, or some other reason, too many places view having those types of offerings as sacrilege to those of us who prefer smaller and more detailed craft or microbrew beers.  In some areas that works, but Rosehill shines in an area that blends those traditional domestics with the craft beer nerds.

If you hail from the northwest Houston-area then Rosehill is a must visit.  This is especially true if you are looking for a place that is welcoming to friends or family members with a wide variety of tastes and preferences in beer and/or food.

Address: 14540 Cypress Rosehill Rd, Cypress, Texas 77429
Phone: (281) 213-4347
Hours: Sun-Th 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Fri – Sat 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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