Houston Daisy Chain: Round-up #4

Welp, we’re at the point where I have sampled all available Daisy Chain beers that have been released. There has been talk of a few more beers to come from this series, but there is no new news to announce as of today. That being said, I have compiled what is known about these beers near the bottom of this entry.
The majority of the beers in this post are not widely available, so see the individual beer notes for information about availability.  I’m planning to write tasting notes on any more Daisy Chain beers that are released, as well as a summary of my impressions of the Daisy Chain experiment, but I’m not sure when this will occur as we wait for the last few beers to be released.  As always, drink local!
Note: All releases are draft only unless otherwise noted.
Bakfish – Polarizer
Bakfish has this one labeled as a New England Style IPA, but the flavor lacks the requisite juiciness and the beer is missing the level of haziness expected for the style. The bitterness is low and the flavor is evident of dry hopping, reportedly with Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, and Lemon Drop hops. Citrus is the primary flavor but melon and earth are also noted.  Overall, it doesn’t quite fit the NEIPA style, but Polarizer makes for a solid dry-hopped American IPA. This one is available at a few tap accounts and at the brewery.
Bearded Fox Brewing Company – Fox Paw
Fox Paw is an American Pale Ale that falls on the sweet side for the style. There is also a pleasant citrusy hop flavor with notes of pineapple. The bitterness is relatively low and Fox Paw has a fairly light body making this one an easy drinker. This one is available at a small list of tap accounts that are posted on Bearded Fox’s website and at the brewery.
Brash Brewing Company – Spud 
Spud rides a wonderful malt flavor to being the lone Houston Beer Scene Pick from this pack of Daisy Chain brews. Spud is a full-bodied 8% Wee Heavy with a sweet, fairly rich malt flavor with notes of caramel, roast, cocoa and a touch of dark fruit. The complexity and fullness of the flavor make this an easy recommendation for fans of malt forward beer styles. This one is only available at Brash.
Brash1 (2)
City Acre Brewing Company – HTXPA 
HTXPA is a twist on City Acre’s TXPA recipe with the addition of lemongrass. The flavor is a combination of lemongrass and citrus. Hop flavor and bitterness are moderate.  I think everyone’s mileage will vary on this one depending on how big of a fan they are of lemongrass which is prominent, but not overwhelming. It appears this one is only available at the brewery.
Texas Leaguer Brewing Company – Chin Music
Chin Music is listed by Texas Leaguer as a Rye Beer.  Based on the flavor profile it seems like an APA or possibly IPA brewed with rye. The bitterness is moderate, but the body is fairly light like many of the Daisy Chain brews. The highlight here is a spicy rye that lingers on your tongue long after the sip is finished. Available at a few tap accounts and at the brewery.
TexasLeaguer1 (1)
Daisy Chain Title Belt
Brash brought a strong contender with Spud, but Holler Brewing Company’s Don’t Dais Me, Bro continues to vanquish all beers that stand in its way. With only a handful of Daisy Chain beers left, it’ll be interesting to see if Holler can maintain their win streak, which dates back to our first Daisy Chain entry, all the way to a victory in this competition.
Known Info on All Remaining Releases
8th Wonder Brewery – The “family tree” diagram of the Daisy Chain release beers shows that 8th Wonder is slated to release a second beer in this series.
Brash Brewing Company – Scotch Hell – This is Spud Wee Heavy aged in Scotch barrels. After enjoying Spud immensely, I’m really looking forward to this one.  The release will be later in the year.
No Label Brewing Company – Daisy Chain White IPA – An announcement was made in February on Facebook that this release was delayed for quality control reasons. A new release date has not been announced.
Sigma Brewing Company – Sigma indicated on Facebook that they had started brewing their Daisy Chain beer, but no further information has been announced.
Town in City Brewing Company – Listed as one of the breweries to participate in the project, but no additional information has been released.

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