Two Sheets Release Notes and Drone Tour

Two Sheets is a collaboration between B52 Brewing and SpindleTap Brewery. Unfortunately, if you haven’t had it yet, you missed it. Hopefully you have a friend who was able to get some and is a good enough friend to share. Note: if they will not share, they likely are not that good of a friend and you should think long and hard about investing time in the relationship.

You may have heard or seen something about a beer named Three Sheets. This is that beer. Three sheets was originally a collaboration between three breweries, B-52 Brewing, SpindleTap Brewery and Whole Food Brewing. The beer was changed to Two Sheets when Dave Ohmer left Whole Foods Brewing and joined B-52 Brewing. Thus, the beer became a collaboration between B-52 Brewing and SpindleTap.


When the brewers got together deciding on a style was easy. Both breweries are brewing top notch Hazy IPAs, so that was the obvious choice. B-52 Brewing releases a Milkshake version of many of their hazy IPAs, so this would be no different, or would it? It will be very different and I will tell you how after I tell you about what actually got released.

Two Sheets is a Hazy DIPA (Citra and Galaxy hops) brewed with Spelt & Oats. Two Sheets – Milkshake – is conditioned on pineapple, peach, chamomile flowers, jasmine pearl tea, vanilla & milk sugar, and is freaking delicious.



If that were all that got released, it would be awesome but there is something different about this one. It’s a collaboration, and collaborations should be special. The really awesome, fun fact is that there is actually a third version of this beer in the collaboration. You probably know B-52 likes sour beers, so do you really think they would not do a wine barrel aged, sour version of Two Sheets? Well, they have done just that. And in maybe 4 to 6 months the sour version will be released.


According to Dave Ohmer, Director of Operation for B-52, they let Garrison, the brewer at SpindleTap, pick the barrels. Personally, I cannot wait for the sour version to be released. I think the sour version will really highlight the strengths and passions of both breweries.

Check out our drone footage and video tour from the Two Sheets Release below.


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