Side Project Brewing. – Fuzzy batch 3 Review

Side Project Brewing. – Fuzzy batch 3

So two months in a row I’m selecting a foeder as my favorite non-Houston beer. The French spelling of the word Foeder is Foedre, since that is how Side Project spells it, so shall I. As I said before, I have a huge soft spot for Foedre beers. For those who are unfamiliar with what a foeder beer is, see What is a Foeder? or if you see a time lapsed video of one being built in 1 minute, see Foeder Build Time Lapse

Batch #3 of Fuzzy is a Missouri Wild Ale aged in the French Oak Foudres at Side Project that has been blended with older versions of the beer. According to Side Project, at least some of this beer is 4 years old. Prior to being bottled, the beer was re-fermented and aged on white peaches. While I was at Side Project I got to try the base beer, “Foedre Beer” that actually has some really nice notes of apricot. If you are ever in St Louis, Side Project is a must visit. Quick tip: they have a Cellar that is about a block away, definitely check that out, they had more bottles from previous releases at the Cellar than at the Brewery.


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