Galveston Island Brewing – Pit Pat Peanut Butter Porter (Nitro) Review

Galveston Island Brewing – Pit Pat Peanut Butter Porter (Nitro) 5% abv / 27 IBU

While doing some training down in Galveston a few weeks ago, I was able to slip out early and check out Galveston Island Brewing (GIB). Normally when I think of beer on an island I think of light and golden beer, dressed with a little salt and lime.  While GIB has plenty of sessionable and lighter brews available at the taproom (I sampled many of them), and distributed across the lower Houston-area, it was a surprise to find a peanut butter porter available. The surprise was a delight. Pit Pat delivers a wonderful peanut butter flavor throughout the nose and sip.  A nuttiness, maltiness, and a tad bit of chocolate helps balance Pit Pat out as you drink it. Some patrons in the bar and on review sites like Untappd have compared Pit Pat to another great South Houston beer, Saloon Door’s Tasty AF PB and Chocolate Milk Stout. I see some similarities, and the comparison is not misguided.  Pit Pat provides the PB flavor without overwhelming your senses. While not as complex as to Saloon Door Tasty AF Stout I mentioned, Pit Pat is sure to satisfy your peanut butter cravings. Do not let heat and humidity turn you away from a darker beer…GIB’s Pit Pat delivers flavor and satisfaction.


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