Baileson Brewing Co – Structural Stout Review

Baileson Brewing Co – Structural Stout Review

If you have been to Baileson, I sure hope you have tried Structural Stout. I’ve had the beer many times, but I’m not sure if the coffee used was always the same or how fresh the beer was last time, but it really struck me this time as an almost flawlessly executed beer.

Structural Stout is a breakfast stout brewed with flaked oats, Belgian chocolate malt, British Black Patent Malt, double-roasted barley, and coffee from House of Coffee Beans, one of Baileson’s neighbors.

This beer is pretty coffee forward, but it’s also nicely balanced. I love a big sweet imperial stout as much as the next guy, but that is not this beer and I am thrilled about that. The appearance of the beer is on the dark end of the spectrum for the style and the head on the beer is a nice creaming brownish tan.


In terms of flavor, the beer is slightly sweet, but the black and chocolate malt and the coffee stand out. As the beer warms, the chocolate malt and the coffee get even better. The smell of the beer is coffee and almost a dark chocolate.

I’d love to see this Barrel Aged Structural Stout at some point in the future, maybe at an anniversary party sometime!


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