Food Truck Review: The Southern Stand

There’s nothing like visiting a new brewery and discovering new brews, a new atmosphere, and seeing new merch on the shelves.

But eventually, that new smell wears off a little, and that’s ok, It’s inevitable — yet, there’s one thing you can always look forward to changing – The Beers….and…..The Food Trucks.

That’s why Houston Beer is proud to announce its newest featurette. HOUSTON FOOD TRUCK SCENE – featured within our blog.

Each month we will be trying the newest food trucks in the area and giving our insight.

Featured this weekend is The Southern Stand, which advertises their truck as, “Celebrating Southern Culinary Expressions From Texas to Carolina”. We were happy to catch them at Southern Yankee’s Grand Opening.

We have posted the menu here:


Todd and Peter were able to sample some of the options so they will share their thoughts as well. But first, here are my thoughts:

I chose to go with the “Small Bites With A Big Taste” – sampling both the Boudin Balls and Friend Pimento Cheese Balls.

Here’s where I’m going to go a little crazy here with my review.

The boudin was boudin, it was good. The Cheese was pimento, it’s a good cheese. You’ve all had Boudin Balls and Fried Cheese.

But their batter. Bro. You don’t even know.

They could batter fry a tire and it would be considered a delicacy in most countries. It was that good.

It wouldn’t even be crazy to say that the boudin and cheese only complimented the batter, making it that much better.

What was in the batter? I asked, and I was told it was made with the blood of a unicorn, the feathers of the eagles that took Frodo out of Mordor and then topped off with T-Rex tears.

Ok, that’s a stretch, but if I told you that after sampling these balls, you might actually believe me.

Todd’s Submission: Fried Shrimp Po-Boy

IMG_20181124_143942 (1)
I absolutely love po-boys and ate quite a few when I lived in the heart of po-boy country during my time at LSU, so I’m a bit critical, but I really dug Southern Stand’s version. The batter on the shrimp is dead-on. It’s not too light, not too thick, has a quality spice element and isn’t greasy – what’s not to like. I appreciate that they went with some sizable, quality shrimp and shook things up a bit by using chow-chow relish vs. the traditional lettuce and tomato. They used crusty French bread, which is a must, and topped the sandwich with a spicy remoulade, another essential element. Not 100% Louisiana due to the chow-chow, but an excellent po-boy. I’m definitely up for trying the blackened shrimp version next time I come across The Southern Stand.

Peter’s Submission: Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

IMG_20181124_142711 (1)
I could very easily repeat what Ryan and Todd have already told you regarding the batter on my sandwich, but only a crazy guy would do that, right? :::Don’t talk about the batter, don’t talk about the batter, don’t talk about the batter::: The batter was perfect!
I love that there wasn’t too much excess batter that got too crispy, because it would have taken away from the chicken. That being said, the batter was thick enough to add flavor and texture without distracting from the rest of the sandwich. The flavor on the chicken was great, my only wish was for a little more heat (I love heat). Overall, the sandwich was very well balanced and I would absolutely eat it again, although I heard everything else was just as good, so I might try something else before I come back to the Nashville Hot Chicken. By the way, Ryan was nice enough to share a Boudin Ball, and it was crazy good!

If you get a chance to track down The Southern Stand, I have no recommendations other than fried. Fry it. Fry it so hard.

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