New Beer Round-up – 9/16/2017

Welcome to the second edition of New Beer Round-up.  The plan is for this to be a regular column that will be posted every two weeks.  The format for this column will continue to include listings of new releases that are currently available divided into lists of beers we’ve sampled and beers we have not. Houston Beer Scene picks are beers we feel are excellent examples of their style. We’ve also added a new section for news related to upcoming releases.  As always, if we missed something, please let us know and check out the beer label approval column for additional information on new beer releases.

Note: Availability for all beers listed is draft only unless otherwise noted<

Houston Beer Scene Pick – B-52 Brewing Company – Farmhouse Hoppy Ale – This is a very complex, interesting and flavorful example of the wide-ranging farmhouse style.  Farmhouse Hoppy Ale is fermented in oak with a combination of farmhouse yeast and local wild yeast and then dry hopped with Simcoe.  The oak along with the spicy, slightly funky yeast flavors are compelling enough with a strong blast of Simcoe sealing this beer’s status as an excellent farmhouse ale.

Houston Beer Scene Pick – B-52 Brewing Company – Looking Good Barry – A hazy 8.9% double IPA brewed with Simcoe powder and dry hopped with Eukanot hops.  This is nice and juicy.  One of  the ones I’ve enjoyed the most out of the recent explosion of New England styled IPAs in the Houston area.

B-52 Brewing Company – Looking Good Barry: Tropical Shake Version – This is Looking Good Barry conditioned on pineapple, mango, pink guava, vanilla beans and milk sugar.  Very juicy with pineapple flavor standing out.  The vanilla and milk sugar add an interesting sweetness that appear to be a hallmark of “shake” IPAs.

B-52 Brewing Company – Raaaaaaaandy w/ 8 A’s – A 5.8% hoppy ale brewed with Galaxy, Simcoe, lupulin powder and milk sugar.  This is very smooth with notes of milk sugar accompanied by a bright hop flavor. Another really solid hazy brew from B-52.

Baileson Brewing Company – Amarillo Hopkins – A solid  and straight forward IPA from Baileson. A 7.0% Amarillo and pilsner malt SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer.

Baileson Brewing Company – Honey Nugget – A 5.5% American wheat with honey added.  Honey Nugget is a nice addition to the Baileson line-up for those not wanting a hoppy or heavily malty beer. The honey provides a gentle flavor and sweetness, but avoids the cloying quality that often accompanies beers brewed with honey.

Baileson Brewing Company – Masinghorn –  6.8% West Coast IPA dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic.  Another solid IPA for Baileson.

Houston Beer Scene Pick – Baileson Brewing Company – Structural Stout – A 7.8% oatmeal stout with coffee that’s aged on cocoa nibs.  My favorite from Baileson so far – a complex, roasty stout  buoyed by tasty coffee flavor.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company – Almond Darling Clementine – This is a 6.3% witbier brewed with almonds and is the latest entry in a long list of different flavored wits in the Buffalo Bayou catalogue. It’s interesting to see almonds used in a lighter beer style; the almond flavor is pronounced so almond fans should be happy with this one.

Houston Beer Scene Pick – Eureka Heights Brewing Company – Swipe Right – Eureka Heights nailed it with this sessionable (4.3%) Belgian Blonde.  The dry hopping with Azacca is evident without overwhelming the spicy yeast and delicate malt flavors.  Complex and pleasantly dry, this is a treat at such a low ABV. Better than most of the Belgian imports I’ve tried.

Houston Beer Scene Pick – Holler Brewing Company – Puckery Pale Ale – Another complex, well-crafted Holler beer.  Puckery Pale ale is a 5.4% kettle sour hopped with Mosaic.  I really enjoy how the moderately sour flavors relax into the malt and hop flavors.  Don’t expect a super hoppy sour, this wins over more on the layers of flavor and refreshing nature of the beer.

Sigma Brewing Company – Sigma IPA – As expected, another solid IPA from Sigma.  Fairly bright with a moderate bitterness.  Well balanced for the style and something I could come back for often.

Houston Beer Scene Pick  – Sigma Brewing Company – Soup De Jour: Pearl’s Essence – A collaboration with Moon Tower Inn.  Interesting idea to combine toasted tomatillos with a 7.6% saison. Pearl’s Essence is a gorgeous pour and tastes slightly on the malty side for a saison, but maintains a lightly peppery yeast profile.  The tomatillos add a mild roastiness to the mix which lingers on the tongue in the finish.

Whole Foods Market Brewing Company – Brighter Days – A 9.0% imperial IPA that as the name implies focuses on bright flavors.  Another great IPA from Whole Foods.

Houston Beer Scene Pick – Whole Foods Market Brewing Company- Hop Explorer 13 – The latest in this series is a 7.5% IPA brewed with Azacca, El Dorado and Idaho 7 hops.  The bright hop burst of tropical and citrus really shine against a light bitterness.

Not sampled

Baa Baa Brewhouse – PS I Love Ewe – A 6.9% New England style IPA with Citra and Mosaic, dry hopped with Galaxy.

Baileson Brewing Company – Oktoberfest – A 5.6% marzen brewed with German Munich and Vienna malts.

Buffalo Bayou – Ginger Snap – A 9.2% Scotch ale with ginger and cinnamon.<

Galveston Island Brewing Company – Samson in a Barrel (Woodford Reserve) – Not 100% a new beer as this has been released before but this is the first time in Woodford Reserve.  The base beer is Samson, a 10.3% American Double Stout.

Great Heights Brewing Company – So Inclined –  A 5.9% saison.<

Great Heights Brewing Company – West Coast IPA – Name says it all – 7.2% abv.

Holler Brewing Company – Black IPA – Currently free at the brewery until they run out. All you have to do is provide them feedback on the beer.  Not a bad deal at all!

Sigma Brewing Company – Hold On Saison – A collaboration with Holler Brewing Company this is a 6.8% saison hopped with Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe and Rakau.  This beer has been donated to bars to raise money for Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Southern Star Brewing Company – Hecho En Conroe – A 5.0% Mexican style lager brewed with German yeast and hops.  White corn grits were used for 20% of the mash.

Texas Beer Refinery – Harveywine – An 11.5% English barleywine. A portion of sales proceeds for this beer will go towards hurricane relief efforts for Dickinson.

Texas Beer Refinery – Pineapple Kolsch – TBR used freshly pureed pineapples for this 5.0% kolsch.

Town in City Brewing Company – Hurricane Lager – Pale lager brewed with passion fruit, citrus and cherry.

Vallensons’ Brewing Company – Hazy Girl – A 6.0% New England style IPA.


8th Wonder – Astroturf – This has been released before on draft around town and at the brewery, but is now available in cans.

Baa Baa Brewhouse – Miny – This New England style IPA was set for release on 9/16, but has been delayed as the brewers did not feel the beer was ready.  Look for the brewery to announce a new release date in the coming weeks.

Back Pew Brewing – Evildoer – This pale ale has been out a few months, but will be available in cans soon.

Copperhead Brewery – Bite Me – This 5.2 % German pilsner has been out a little while on-tap, but will be available in cans soon.

Copperhead  Brewery – Citraddicted – On October 1st  Copperhead will release this IPA at the brewery.  It is brewed with and dry hopped twice with 100% Citra.  The plan is for this to be the first in a series of rotating IPAs.

Galveston Island Brewing Company – Blue Bridge Hoppy Amber – Not a new beer, this Fall seasonal is now available in cans.

Sigma Brewing Company  – Burial in Space – Bottles of this rye whiskey and bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout will be released at the brewery on September 30th for their 1st anniversary party.

Sigma Brewing Company – 4X Dry Hopped Medina Sod w/ Motueka hops – This version of Medina Sod is also set to release on September 30th for their anniversary party.

Spindletap Brewery – Operation Juice Drop – This juicy IPA is a collaboration with Parish Brewing Company and Drink of Ages Pub with all proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey relief.  So far, we know that Hughie’s – The Heights will have this beer available on September 29th and the original location will have it on September 30th, both events start at 6:00 PM according to Hughie’s Facebook.


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