Label Approvals 9/13 – 9/20 (TX Beers Only)

New Beer is Coming!! Not included in this list is revisions or label approval for a new container size, unless new cans or bottles are being added.

Brewery Beer Container
Acopon Brewing Acopon Pale Ale Keg
A&L Brewing Co A&L Munich-Style Lager Keg
Big River Brewery Amber Lager Keg
Braindead Brewing American Hefe Keg
Braindead Brewing Cascade IPA Keg
Braindead Brewing Dead Flowers Saison Keg
Braindead Brewing Der Storch Berliner Weisse Keg
Braindead Brewing Fruhlingzeit German-Style Brown Ale Keg
Braindead Brewing Given to Rye to Rye BA Brown Ale Keg
Braindead Brewing Good Morning Dave Saison Keg
Braindead Brewing Main St. Kolsch Keg
Braindead Brewing Nimbus Dry Hopped Wheat Keg
Braindead Brewing 99 Sauvins IPA Keg
Braindead Brewing Terrasse Gose Keg
El Paso Brewing Co Oktoberfest Marzen Keg
Flying Man Brewing Co Coffin Corner Porter Keg
Lakewood Brewing Co Cuvee De Velo American Wild 2017 Keg, Large Bottle
Landon Winery Landon Bock Keg
Legal Draft Beer Co Fall Guy Malt Liquor Keg
Ranger Creek Brewing Red Headed Stranger American Red IPA 12oz Can
Saloon Door Brewing Saloon Door Brew Crew Irish Red Keg
Sigma Brewing Co Hold On Saison Keg
Spindle Tap Brewery Operation Juice Drop IPA Keg
St Elmo Brewing Co Dampf Dampfbier Keg
St Elmo Brewing Co Evangeline French Saison Keg
Woodcreek Brewing Co Vanilla American Porter Keg, 12oz Can

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