Juiceton (Championship Edition) Reviewed by Peter M

Juiceton (Championship Edition) Reviewed by Peter M

(Championship Edition — which is the same as the previous edition, except this one is for Champions), New England Double IPA (DIPA)

The Stats:
ABV: 8.5%
Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Columbus


Houston Beer Scene Thoughts:
Juiceton is a damn fine beer and it fits pretty much everything I look for in the style. Also, the Championship Edition can looks pretty sweet. I am a huge fan of Nolan Ryan, so I might be a little biased. Don’t hold this against me, but I’m from DFW and I was at the Rangers game when Nolan beat the tar out of Robin Ventura. That was definitely the most memorable sports game I attended as a child. Anyway, back to Juiceton. What is better than the can art? It’s when you open the can and start pouring.

As you pour your Juiceton, the aroma hits you. The nose on Juiceton is much stronger than that of Hopkeem of High Knees. You get a little bit of stone fruit notes, but even more citrus and piney notes.

The stone fruit came across stronger on the tongue than the nose and I got more notes of nectarine. The citrus was also more defined and was straight up orange juice. If you are little hesitant to get into NEIPAs because they are too sweet and not bitter (Yes, like we have all heard IPAs are supposed to be), then the piney flavor from the hops will make you happy.

There was nice foamy white head on the beer when it was poured, but it didn’t stick around. A moderate amount of lacing was noticeable.

The best way to get this beer in your mouth is to keep an eye out on SpindleTap’s Instagram (but you should be doing that anyway). This beer is released, normally through presale online, with some usually held back for walk-ups at the brewery on release day. Some will get kegged and make it out to bars, but none of these beers will be easy to find in the wild.

Overall, Juiceton is a solid beer. 4.5/5

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