High Knees Reviewed by Bryce A.

The Stats:

New England Double IPA (DIPA)
ABV: 8%
Hops: Zythos and Azzaca


Houston Beer Scene Thoughts:
SpindleTap’s High Knees gets high marks from me for Legendary Series. I first had this offering on tap during the release party at the brewery. After selfishly finishing the four-pack I picked up at the release, High Knees continued to impress with each can. I had previously tried the Juiceton and immediately realized why so many were racing about it. I also thought that Hopkeem was a well-crafted brew that was very enjoyable watching the Rockets nearly take out the Warriors (as local radio put it, “a hamstring away”). While tastes are ultimately left to the beholder, I found High Knees to narrowly beat out the others of the series.

The aroma of this beer was very soft. You could smell the juiciness of the beer, but the hops were not as apparent on the nose.

I will admit, as much as I enjoyed this beer, my palate could not identify the hop varieties. The fruit and citrus notes brought to mind a lot of possibilities but, in the end, I had to do a little research as these are hops I have a harder time identifying. To my amazement, only two hops were used to make this delicious fruit bomb: Zythos and Azzaca. It makes sense given the pineapple notes that I kept getting are features of those hops. High Knees gives you a strong offering of tropical and citrus flavors throughout without being overwhelmingly sweet. Its full body but smooth finish left me wishing I had more than a four-pack.

The head on High Knees was just like Juiceton and Hopkeem; white and foamy that disappears fairly quickly.


I enjoyed this beer very much and look forward to it being brewed again. Solid 4/5 rating.

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