Hopkeem by SpindleTap – Review

Hopkeem Hazy DIPA Reviewed by Todd W.

Like many of SpindleTap’s popular releases, Hopkeem is a Hazy IPA, and this one a Double IPA (DIPA).

The stats:
ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: Unknown – As with all of SpindleTap’s NEIPAs, the IBUs are not posted.
Hops: Motueka and Vic Secret
This time around the chosen hops are from the Southern Hemisphere:  Motueka (New Zealand) and Vic Secret (Australia).


Houston Beer Scene Thoughts:
When you pour this beer, the aroma isn’t as strong as Juiceton, but it is stronger than High Knees. As expected the aroma is juicy citrus.

The flavor expands on the juicy citrus by adding tropical fruit notes.  While this isn’t dissimilar to many of the hazy brews that seem to be released almost daily in the Houston area, the flavor from the hops stand out above other recent offerings, making this my current favorite of the newest round of hazy brews released this month.

The head on this beer is a nice, white, foamy head that disappears fairly quickly.

Cans sold out quickly on release day at the brewery,  There may be a few kegs made available around town. Hopefully you have a friend with a can or two who is willing to share. If not, keep your eye out for the next release of Hopkeem.

I really enjoyed this beer and would give it a 4.5/5 rating.

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